The 33rd College Television Awards competition is now closed.
Rules are in the process of being reviewed and updated.
This is for reference only.

  1. The first entry is free.  Each subsequent entry is $25.  Additional entries will not be valid until payment is received. 
  2. Submissions are a two-step process:

  3. Step #1. The online application must be completed before your video can be uploaded.
    • You will be asked to enter your username and password. If you have previously entered the College Television Awards competition or participated in the Foundation’s Internship Program, Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship Program, Sony Student Diversity Program you already have a record in the system. If you cannot remember your username and password, please contact Do not create a new record.
    • If you are a Television Academy member, do not log in through your account. You MUST create a new CTA account.
    • Upon completion of the online application, you will be prompted to click on the UPLOAD VIDEO button which will take you to mtvU’s Best Film on Campus website.

  5. Step #2. Upload video through mtvU’s
    • On mtvU's Best Film on Campus (BFOC) site, you must complete a profile and accept the Terms of Use set forth by BFOC before uploading your video provided, however, that you are not bound to the following specific terms:
    • No work will go live until after the CTA Gala.
    • Only pieces with a signed clearance form will go live.
    • All videos will remain "status pending" on BFOC throughout the competition.
    • While uploading, the last page of the BFOC site states that your piece will be reviewed within 48 hours. Please disregard this notice.
  7. To check the status of your entry, log back into the account you created in step #1.

    Please allow at least 48 hours for your status to be updated.

    To the extent that there is a conflict between CTA’s rules and BFOC’s Terms of Use, CTA’s rules shall govern but only to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict.

  8. Uploading and Format Information
    1. Entries will be uploaded to a secure server where viewing is restricted to competition judges and staff only.
    1. The size of the file cannot exceed 1 gig. If your piece is larger than 1 gig, try uploading the piece in 1 gig chapters.
    1. You may upload as many chapters as required, as long as they all remain under 1 gig . Please title them appropriately: i.e. This is My Entry (Chapter 1)This is My Entry (Chapter 2), etc.
    1. Video Tips

    2. Only AVI, MPEG, and Quicktime file types are allowed. For best results, the video file should be encoded with MPEG-4 video and MP3 audio.

      Dimensions of the video must not exceed 480x360  . The file must have one of the following extensions: .avi, .mpg, .wmv, .m4v, .mp4, .mov
    1. Size Tips

    2. The video play is fixed at 4x3. If your piece needs to  be viewed in 16x9, please upload a letterboxed 4x3 version.
    1. Image Tips (Optional)

    2. The image must be in JPEG format with an extension of .jpg or .jpeg. The size of the file should not exceed 300KB.

      Dimensions of the image will be reduced to a maximum of 320x240.