A Positive Influence for the Next Generation

TV Speaks is designed to furnish colleges and universities with television professionals from the Academy for lectures, workshops, seminars or full course study on campuses across the country.

The TV Academy membership of over 15,000 strong is divided into the 28 peer groups listed below, which represent every aspect of the television industry. Each peer group contains experienced, skilled, talented people who are very willing to share their expertise with students interested in learning more about television.

  • Animation
  • Art Directors / Set Decorators
  • Casting Directors
  • Children's Programming
  • Cinematographers
  • Commercials
  • Costume Design & Supervision
  • Daytime Programming
  • Directors
  • Electronic Production
  • Informational Programming
  • Interactive Media
  • Makeup / Hairstylists
  • Music
  • Non-Fiction Programming
  • Performers
  • Producers
  • Production Executives
  • Professional Representatives
  • Public Relations
  • Sound
  • Sound Editors
  • Special Visual Effects
  • Stunts
  • Television Executives
  • TV & Motion Picture Editors
  • Title Design
  • Writers

To Apply

Send a brief proposal including the following:

  • A brief description of the background and scope of the university's TV/Film department or program
  • A breakdown of how the speaker's time would be utilized and scheduled, including information about any classes (lectures), workshops, screenings or seminars in which the speaker might participate
  • What impact a visit would have on the audience involved
  • The extent to which the audience is knowledgeable about television and television production
  • Which branch of the Academy the speaker would represent in order to best meet specific needs(see list of peer groups)
  • The proposed dates for the visit
  • Stipend (if offered)

The Selection Process

The Foundation will forward a short list of names to the professor for his/her selection and then contact the professional. The Foundation facilitates contact between the college and speaker. The host institution is responsible for all transportation, food and lodging. Stipends are optional.

If you have questions, or you are a Television Academy member who would like to become a guest lecturer, please contact Nancy Robinson at (818) 754-2800.